Clean Out the Big Items

If you are moving house or have doubled up on appliances – then be sure to thoroughly clean the items before you store them away.

Commonly stored appliances like a spare fridge/freezer needs special attention as you may end up with a mouldy disaster.

Ensure your fridge has been cleaned out and extremely dry before you store it away – this will ensure no mould starts growing whilst in storage.

Another good idea is to leave the fridge door slightly ajar – this will provide the fridge with some extra ventilation.

When storing furniture items that can be pulled apart – then make sure you do pull them apart – this will save you considerable space. Be sure to tape or tie the detachable parts together so you don’t end up misplacing anything.

If you intend to store sofas, chairs or other furniture then be sure that you have thoroughly cleaned up stains and vacuumed for crumbs – this will ensure you have no unwanted visitors attracted to your furniture.